10 places to visit before you die


before you die

It’s no secret that before you die, there are places to see and people to meet. I am in no way a world traveler, but I’ve been to some of the best places this planet has to offer. From the Red Rocks of the Grand Canyon, the sunsets off the tip of South Africa in the Mediterranean, to the mountains of Swiss Alps, I’m in awe of the beauty this world truly has.

When I see this Nature’s beauty, I see God. I hope you feel that way too. I don’t believe the Earth was created because of a “big bang”. It took so much more planning beyond my own comprehension. I have a ton a places I’d like to see and experience during my time on earth. So here’s my list of the top 10 places to travel before you die.

1. Swiss Alps
2. Grand Canyon (Arizona)
3. Alaska
4. Galápagos Islands
5. Australia and New Zealand
6. Rome
7. Northern Lights in Iceland or Norway
8. Everglades
9. Any Rainforest
10. Amsterdam

According to, trying new foods and learning what you like and don’t like teaches you something about yourself.

Now you know that you don’t like this or that; either way, it’s something that you didn’t know before you went out there and took that adventure.

On top of this, you’ll learn where you are most comfortable and what you should most appreciate. Some countries are very different and you may find that a commodity you depended on may suddenly be missing. You’ll learn to not only appreciate what you have back home, but you’ll better understand where you feel most at home and why.

Perhaps you’ll even find out that you are more comfortable somewhere else, more at home. It’s a strange wonder but it can happen. Your home may be somewhere you have never been before.

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