2017 To-Do-List


ID theft


2017 To-Do-List Additions: Cyber Security…..please keep reading……
Security patches. Latest release. Android. Apple. Malware. Social engineering scams. Encryption. Passwords. Hackers. And the list could go on and on.

It seems all too easy these days as our reliance on computers continues to expand that our online information can become compromised.

Just how much information can someone find online about you? I suspect almost everything. Or what’s on the “deep web” that you and I wouldn’t know how to find, yet it’s out there for others to use?

I don’t recall how many years ago it was, but I added identify theft coverage to my homeowner’s policy when it first came out. It’s my understanding that in the event my identity is stolen I’ll have $25,000 to help restore it. I suspect, that amount could go fast these days.

Because of incidents like this and as a precaution, over the years people have asked me about LifeLock or similar services.  My response has always been it can’t hurt.

Here are a few additional steps to help protect yourself this year:

• Password protect your electronic devices.
• Update your passwords on a regular basis and make them hard for someone to crack. Don’t just rely on one for everything. Some systems allow for two-factor authentication.
A Password Management systems is something I use.
• Update your operating systems as new versions come out.
• Encryption software is available and provides an extra layer of protection.
• Backup your systems regularly in the event one of your phones, tablets, computers, etc. goes missing or becomes unusable.
• Store all your electronic devices serial numbers in a safe place.
• Limit the amount of personal information social media networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Maybe we shouldn’t be doing that anyone?
• Signup for an IT blog to follow. They usually have tons of great information and tips. I follow

Being sidetracked these days because your identity was stolen isn’t how anyone wants to spend their time. I’m not a security expert and know these hackers are smart (and could use their knowledge for good in this world). So try to stay one or two steps ahead of them and keep yourself safe.

Your 2017 To-Do-List needs an update, sorry.

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