2019 Is a Major Milestone


major milestone

It’s often I reflect back and wonder how time flies so fast. When I think of 20 years ago, I think of 1980 not 1999. Is it really possible I have a 28 year old child? Yes, it is. That’s a story for another time!

The calendar just turned to 2019 and I’m not really prepared for what 2019 will bring or mean in my life. Milestones happen through our lives and then there are major milestones. In 2019, I’ll experience a few of these major milestones.

The one major milestone on the horizon is I’ll be turning 50 years old. For many of you, you see me as a youthful, pudgy baby face that once had blonde hair that is now much grayer. I recall one day my mom was pointed out shockingly how gray my hair was becoming. Thanks mom! But she wasn’t wrong. I’m getting grayer. But with age comes wisdom.

One of the privileges I have is learning through so many other people. I hear so many life stories through my daily work that I look for ways to incorporate those into my life and others I interact with. In honor of turning 50 this year, I’ll be sharing 50 life lessons I’ve learned throughout my life.

These life lessons have come from my parents, God, family, clients and friends. Each month you’ll find 3 or 4 new posts sharing a host of life lessons regarding life, work, family and money. Some I’ve executed well and there are areas where I could improve upon. I see these “50 Life Lessons” as a work in progress and want to make sure my two kids learn from them.

I know I didn’t always want to hear the wisdom others we passing along when I was younger, but today I had wished I had listened.

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I’m looking forward to our conversations in 2019. So many exciting things are happening in so many of our clients lives – retirement, grandkids, travel, planning for retirement and the list goes on. I know 2019 will have challenges but I’m going to try hard to focus on the all the positives life brings our way.

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