5 Steps on how to travel for less


I have a bucket list of travel; those go to places I want to get to before I die. We have a calendar outlining when we’d like to go to various places. When you are in your working years, you don’t always have time to get away and when you’re older you have the time but not always the ability. Travel when you can to explore and hopefully better understand our world. Here are 5 steps on how to travel for less.

Treat your vacation like your money.

  • Know the ins and out of where you are going. What tricks, money and time saving ideas you need to know BEFORE going. Invest in a good guidebook for $25. Skip the lines. Lines cost you time which is money. Especially in Europe, I don’t understand why people even stand in line hours waiting to purchase tickets.

Fly into one airport and out another.

  • We do this all the time to see explore areas we’d never see. Usually, the car rental companies will charge you an extra $50.00 to drop off at another location, but well worth it.

Find rooms on the fly and ask for deals.

  • There are so many cool travel apps that can help you accomplish this and you never know where you’ll end up.

Rediscover old friends, relatives and others in your network.

  • Why not stay with people you know, or even make new friends. I see this with working well throughout Europe. What a cool way to enhance your travel experience and get to know the culture even more.

Take or watch a travel class.

  • Rick Steves or Samatha Brown are two travelers that I follow. Rick’s advise is right on when it comes to traveling in Europe. He doesn’t like cruise ships but I found them enjoyable traveling from one destination to the next throughout Europe. Plus, they have great travel videos on their websites.

Bonus advice – Get a Global Entry Card.

  • This is so cool I don’t even want to tell others about. You get TSA pre-check and it allows for easy access when going through Customs for international travel. Some credit cards will even reimburse you $100.00 every four years if you have this card.

With Summer approaching fast, if you’d like a few travel destination ideas give me a shout. I can help with some great travel destinations.

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