9 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas


It’s not to say your previous Father’s Day gifts have not been appreciated, but it’s time to buy into the idea of a Unique Father’s Day Gift. Here are 9 different gift ideas. If anything, this should get the ball rolling for you to think outside the box (or the Father’s Day display).

1. Father’s Day Boat Cruise

Do a little research to see what your city is doing for Father’s Day. Many places have some type of special or something arranged to help fathers feel appreciated. One of the cooler things is a boat cruise – especially if a meal and/or live music is involved. If you live in the Twin Cities/Western Wisconsin area, check out Stillwater Boat and Packet Specials. Dad will love the combination of quality time, food, and scenery!

2. Custom picture frame with photo

Head over to your local Michael’s craft store and pick up your favorite picture frame. If you’re crafty, add your own twist to it. If not, search Amazon for a quick picture frame delivery. Make it personalized. Does dad like fishing? Get a fishing frame and frame a picture of the two of you with your biggest catch! You can be thoughtful without breaking the bank.

3. A Bathroom Box

This one seems a little silly, but everyone poops! There is now a spray that covers up the stink before you even go. It’s called Poo-Pourri, and you need to check it out here. Now, dad may not want you just saying that he smells, so make it thoughtful. Add a Dad Joke book or some printed toilet paper to complete the bathroom box.

4. Tickets to a local tour

Is there something your dad absolutely loves? Maybe something he often mentions but never gets around to? Look up local tours to find something special. If you’re in Minnesota, GetKnit Events has a plethora of options. It’s always a hit to get tickets to a local museum or a tour of the local brewery, too.

5. Clean Car Caddy

It never hurts to get a useful gift for Father’s Day. Pick up some Rain-X and a nice microfiber towel to give a gift of a clean car. You could even throw in a car wash coupon book or better yet, help your father clean the car!

6. Monthly Box Subscription

There are quite a few options in this up-and-coming category. Check out Dollar Shave Club, Try the World, and Compete Crate for some awesome ideas. There ought to be something to fit your dad’s interests!

7. Custom coasters

When a father comes home from a long day, you’ll probably find him with a cold beverage in his hand (even if it’s water). Shutterfly has great options for customizable coasters. It’s up to you whether you want to just do text, or even add your own family photos! This is a timeless gift that can be used by family members and house guests.

8. A Thoughtful CD

Your father’s car probably still has a CD slot in it. Go to your ITunes library, add about 20 songs to a playlist, and burn it onto a CD. Write about why these songs mean something to you. Maybe they make you think of all of the great times you shared with your dad. Pick out a unique CD case to make the gift a little more interesting.

9. A day dedicated to cleaning/organizing the garage

One of the best things we can give to someone else is our time. If dad is someone who is always working outside or spending time in the garage but never gets around to organizing it, dedicate an entire day to helping him do just that. He will appreciate it for years to come.

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