Are You Moving Away From God?


moving away from god

Photo by Aaron Burden

One recent Sunday morning, Pastor Bob posed a question to the congregation that has stuck with me ever since. He asked, “Do your daily choices have you moving away from God?”

It’s a question that should make us all stop and think. If we haven’t reflected on our relationship with God lately, it might be an opportune moment to reassess our physical and spiritual standings. Our daily decisions, no matter how small, hold immense power to shape our lives. Life comprises countless choices, and it’s up to us to strive for the right ones every day, thereby following a path aligned with our beliefs.

Are we moving away from God?

Are we making the best decisions today that lead us closer to Him? If the answer isn’t always “Yes”, it’s time to reconsider our spiritual practice, recalibrate our focus, and work on strengthening our connection with God.

This introspection on our daily decisions and their spiritual impact should extend to our financial choices. Just as our actions influence our spiritual journey, our financial decisions wield significant influence in our lives.

Evaluating whether our financial practices align with our values and aspirations is important to our spiritual growth. Do our financial choices steer us toward or away from the life we aspire to lead? Similar to our spiritual path, financial decisions are integral to our daily existence.

It’s worth pondering whether our financial choices resonate with our core beliefs. Aligning our financial decisions with our values can foster a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Integrating intentional financial planning into our daily routine ensures that our monetary decisions support not only our immediate needs but also our long-term aspirations. Seeking guidance in financial planning acts as a guiding light, directing us toward a future that harmonizes both our spiritual and material goals.

Let’s embrace this opportunity to reassess not only our spiritual but also our financial well-being. Aligning our daily actions, both spiritually and financially, lays the groundwork for a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.