Attitude Reflects Leadership


attitude reflects leadership

Have you seen the movie Remember the Titans? In one powerful interaction between a football player and his captain, this player sums up team leadership dynamics in just three simple words: “Attitude reflects leadership.”

If you’re not familiar with the movie, let me set the scene. The team captain is chastising one of his players—Big Ju—for his lack of team spirit. This captain just can’t understand why his player has such a poor attitude toward the rest of his teammates.

Big Ju’s terse retort doesn’t just explain how attitudes trickle down from the top; it’s a demonstration of the principle. He feels disrespected by his teammates and captain, so he lacks respect for them in turn.

This is no surprise to any of us; we all know that leadership is a top-down process, and the culture of every company starts with its leaders. But here’s something you may not realize: regardless of your position, your attitude and interactions with others have the power to impact those around you.

The Truth

Let’s face it: life can be challenging. Even when we tell ourselves to stay positive, a positive attitude isn’t always easy to maintain in the face of life’s greatest challenges. But you don’t have to be a CEO to cultivate an attitude of leadership, base your daily interactions on mutual respect, and start to change the culture for the better.

What’s the difference between a thermistor vs a thermostat? One indicates the temperature and one sets it. Which do you want to be?

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