I bet your values have changed over time!


I bet there are things in your life that you you once placed a high value on ten years ago, that you no longer place a high value on today. That’s just like me. And ten years from now I suspect that list will change again. We probably all have a core set of values that hasn’t changed over the years. Maybe that includes your values towards money, God, cars, marriage, or physical possessions. Regardless, priorities change over time.

Core Values of Financial Planning

So why is this on my mind? Talking with a client recently, he was discussing all the money he spent on something over the years and looking back and now looking forward, he didn’t need to continue to spend those dollars each month. We’ve all done it, some of us are probably doing it, and maybe it’s worthwhile to pause and ask ourselves if we need to repurpose our time, energy and resources now verses waiting ten years?

We can’t get money back and sometimes that’s just fine (cost/benefit, trade/offs, pleasure, etc.), but even more importantly there might be time, purpose and impact that better fits with your values not only today but the future.

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Ask yourself- can my portfolio support my lifestyle in my retirement? 

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