Brett Anderson,


Brett Anderson, Certified Financial Planner
“The goal of any bio should be to get to know the other person, not just professionally but personally as well. However, I find most bios in the financial industry to be slightly dry. Therefore, I hope after reading my bio, you not only trust my professional expertise, but you get to know me a little more as a person.”
~ Brett Anderson, President St. Croix Advisors
Brett Anderson


Brett Anderson, Certified Financial Planner
” The goal of any bio should be to get to know the other person, not just professionally but personally as well. However, I find most bios in the financial industry to be slightly dry. Therefore, I hope after reading my bio, you not only trust my professional expertise, but you get to know me a little more as a person.”
~ Brett Anderson, President St. Croix Advisors


I am a proud graduate of Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Where I earned my BA in Business Administration. I obtained my Certified Financial Planner certification (CFP®) from the CFP Board of Standards, received my Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®) designations from the American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. In addition to passing all necessary state and federal security and insurance exam requirements.


My education has been undoubtedly beneficial, it’s the real-life experiences that have proven most influential, like owning my own business and taking a few of life’s curveballs myself. I’ve also benefited from the immense array of client experiences and the knowledge that’s come from helping them draft successful wealth management strategies. I sincerely enjoy working with each of my clients in creating the financial plans that allow them more freedom in their choices.


Over the years, I have also volunteered with the Carlson School of Management as part of their mentor program to help others achieve their professional goals. Along the way, I’ve had some great teachers both in and out of the classroom, who have helped make me the professional I am today. I am a firm believer that age is not necessarily a factor in being a mentor. Learning is an experience that can take place anytime, anywhere. I believe life is all about giving back; therefore, I try to help whenever possible.

I volunteered board member for the St. Croix Economic Development Corporation in Hudson, WI where the mission is to encourage and assist economic development and capital investment, to enhance tax base, to create jobs, and to assist businesses in expansion, retention and/or location within the economic development area. Previously, I served eight years as a board member for Store to Door in Roseville, MN. Whose goal is to help homebound elderly individuals maintain their independence in their own homes. Their typical client is a woman in her 80’s who has outlived her husband and just requires some assistance in getting groceries to maintain her independence. A truly wonderful organization.

Personal Life

Now to get personal! I have two kids, Nicholas and Mackenzie (Kenzie). Nicholas lives in the Sunshine state and Mackenzie resides in the land of 10,000 lakes. I’ve have been married to a very understanding woman, Annette, for over 33+ years. She encourages me to follow my passion and dreams every day and I am forever thankful that I found such a wonderful person.

Our family resides in Woodbury, Minnesota where the winter months are cold and it snows frequently. I enjoy spring and fall and truly desire to escape the winters in Minnesota but my bride says otherwise. Many of my clients have winter homes to escape the snowy months, and I can see why they find it so appealing. January, February, and March, I certainly try to spend time with my clients at their winter homes in warmer locations for our regular reviews and updates. I always let my clients know that I’m happy to come see them rather than stay here in the cold tundra. I certainly won’t outstay my welcome.

“If you’ve read this far, when we meet in person, ask me why I got into the financial advising/wealth management business.”

We attend Eagle Brook Church in Woodbury, Minnesota. I enjoy the messages each week and try to incorporate them into my daily life. If you ever feel stressed or overwhelmed and need a reality check, I encourage you to check out their website for all their services online. I’ve been known to pass a link to my inner circle when something really resonates with me.

In My Free Time…

St. Croix Advisors has given me the opportunity to enjoy spending more time with my bride. For us, we enjoy traveling. Exploring new placings. Experiences… I think for many you reach a point in life here you don’t need more socks, more shoes, or even another shirt. With life happening so fast before us, spending time with friends and family traveling, hunting, fishing, boating, or grilling it great!

Then there’s my other boy, Riley, a big 90 pound black lab/hound who runs the house and is a complete bed hog, even in a king size bed. He loves going on long walks and sunbathing around the house as the sun moves east to west each day. If only we all had it that good! The day he came home he already had his financial house in order, the rest of his life planned out, a great retirement strategy in place.

In October 2022, Riley had a tumor we discovered one morning that was bleeding and we had to make the had decision to put him down. It wasn’t about a month before at church a sermon topic on a time to live and time to die. It was his time for us to say goodbye. Man…this was and even to this day truly a hard decision for me. Needless to say, Riley’s position at St. Croix Advisors hasn’t been refilled and to this day it not been posted as an open position. And I’m not sure it will ever be.

Read more of his story.

Now that you know a little more about me professionally and personally, I look forward to learning more about you and getting your family on a path to financial freedom!

Senior Portfolio Manager for Steele Capital Management, Inc.

Brett Anderson, Certified Financial Planner
Senior Portfolio Manager for Steele Capital Management, Inc

I have had the privilege of working with Brett for over 17 years through the partnership of St. Croix Advisors and Steele Capital Management. Through that time, our complimentary skills have created positive traction for the benefit of our shared client relationships.

I have three kids – all of whom keep me very busy. I am heavily involved in their activities and often coach their sports teams. You’ll find that I’m an all-around sports junkie who enjoys playing golf, cheering on the Vikings and keeping up with basketball.

I received my undergraduate degree and M.A. in Accounting from the University of Iowa. (Go Hawkeyes!) It should be obvious with my background as a CPA, but I really enjoy crunching numbers. My areas of expertise include investment management, along with a financial planning background that keeps Brett on his game.

Steele Capital Management maintains a solicitor arrangement with St. Croix Advisors. Clients should review each firm’s Form ADV Part 2 for further information about this relationship and whenever St. Croix Advisors utilizes outside investment management and selection of investment advisory services.


Chief Retirement Planning Officer

Riley, Chief Retirement Strategist

We said goodbye to Riley on October 13, 2022, but he’ll always be in our hearts. Read on to learn his story. 

The day I came home I had my financial house in order, the rest of my life planned out, and a great retirement strategy in place. But for me, this journey was not an easy one.

Without going into great detail, I was once in a kill shelter in Georgia. For the grace of God I made my way to the Humane Shelter in Woodbury, Minnesota. I had finally found my new family and as they say, the rest is history. A fun fact about me – I prefer SweeTango Apples and if you try to give me anything else, Granny Smith Apple, for example, I will not eat it. I don’t like to settle. Just ask my Grandma, she says I’m spoiled — so it must be true.

Being St. Croix Advisors’ Chief Retirement Planning Officer comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility to our clients. I have mastered financial simplicity and you can too. You can create your own Dream Board showing your life’s possibilities that you would like to accomplish. I have mastered a great retirement strategy that does not entail a lot of clutter or stuff and I am ready to help you do the same. Truth is, I do not like picking up after myself so it’s just easier if I do not have a lot of stuff, as I would rather focus on experiences, enjoying the company of my family and friends, traveling, or chasing rabbits and squirrels.
Riley, Chief Retirement Strategist
Now I do understand not everyone is a dog lover, and that is okay. In the event you would like me to join you during your appointment at St. Croix Advisors, please let me know.
If my schedule permits, I will be there to help make sure you have a great retirement strategy in place. Potential clients sometimes question my planning fee, but it is already included. However, I do accept treats above and beyond our fees.


Unemployed and Loving Life

Riley, Chief Retirement Strategist

My name is Cheeba. My human sister, Kenzie, named me. Here’s the back story on how I came to live with Mom and Dad.

Dad, who happens to be Kenzie’s landlord, had a strict no-animal policy. But Kenzie, perpetually scouring animal rescue sites, couldn’t resist my undeniable charm and adopted me, despite already having Riley. Ah, Riley, the first child in a family that parents wish every child could be—easygoing, a great sleeper, obedient—the golden child that makes you ponder having another. So, convinced you’re a dog whisperer with stellar training skills, why not add another dog? Piece of cake, right? Just like adding another kid.

So that’s what Human Sister did. My Human Sister went against my dad’s house rules and brought me to her place. Yet, it soon became apparent that I, a lively puppy, was far more work compared to my older and responsible pup sibling, Riley. So much so, the day I walked into Mom, Dad, and Riley’s house, I knew I wasn’t leaving. Sure, leaping onto the kitchen counter for a snack seemed harmless to me. But lacking discipline and having a stomach not built for Lab-like resilience, I was quite the handful. I was so much work that dad sent me to overnight boot camp for 6 weeks. You’d think after much training I’d know how to hunt or something. Nope. My full-time is job is just to just look cute and my mom just loves me for who I am. As for dad… he has no choice, cause mom says he has to.

Riley, Chief Retirement Strategist

I highly doubt Dad will ever hire me at St. Croix Advisors. After all, I’ve chewed up his $400 car remote, a cherished Christmas sweater from his two-legged son, shoes, and more. I’m a constant shadow he can’t shake. Wherever he goes, I go. He has no privacy.

Even though I live with Mom and Dad full-time, and my human sister broke Landlord Dad’s #1 house rule, my heart belongs to my human sister, my ultimate love. She’s the reason I’m living my best life.




Certified Financial Planner CFP®
It’s never been more important for clients and financial advisors to take a holistic approach – looking at an individual’s entire financial picture, not just one aspect or another. Working with a Certified Financial Planner™ professional is assurance that he or she is a credentialed expert who does just that, and performs to high ethical and professional standards.
The designation comes with extensive training in financial planning, estate planning, insurance, investments, taxes, employee benefits and retirement planning, as well as in CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct, which are rigorously enforced. All CFP® professionals are required to uphold their certification through continuing education – something to consider with new financial instruments appearing regularly on the consumer market. It’s little wonder that CFP® certification is the most recognized in the industry for personal financial planning. So as you think about your financial future, please bear in mind that only 17% of all financial advisors in the industry can claim this distinction.
Brett Anderson, President of St Croix Advisors, LLC holds the CFP® designation.

I’m ready! What’s the next step?

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