Bucket List Items – Why Do We Wait?


Over the years, I’ve created a dream board of items I’d like to achieve within the next year or two. Some of these aspirations deal with money, having more time, and how I can become more impactful with those around me. It’s a board I look at every day, using it as a constant reminder to evaluate whether my choices align with what truly matters to me.

Recently, during a lunch conversation with a client, we delved into discussions about our parents. Spending time and sharing stories it always a treat.

He told a story about inviting his brother on a fishing trip with their dad. Their dad wasn’t much into fishing, but rather enjoyed spending time with his boys. Even though dad was done fishing after a few casts, he enjoyed spending time and sharing stories. Yet, his brother felt he had to work and couldn’t make this trip work into his work schedule. After all, he had 48 other weeks he could get his work done, but this particular week looking back today, he can’t remember what was so important he couldn’t go fishing.

Within six months of this trip, their dad passed away.

Here’s a sample list of items I have on my bucket list: travel to a variety of places in Europe, New Zealand and the Galapagos Islands, volunteer in a more impactful way, tithe so I can help others, and deepen my relationship with God. Your list is going to be unique to you and your wishes.

I have a variety of friends and family that helped me achieve bucket list items over the years and I have so many more items I’d like to achieve with my time on Earth. Yet, you and I can’t wait. Time is so precious and you and have no idea if we’ll even achieve our entire bucket list.

Crafting a meaningful bucket list can be a challenging task. If need help creating a list that holds personal significance and impact, feel free to reach out. I invite you to engage in a meaningful conversation with me about shaping your bucket list, and together we can strategize on its contents.

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