Christmas 2020


I rarely get surprised at my young age, but it can happen.
Last year, I shared my mom’s recipe for my favorite green Christmas cookies, which she used to make for me each year—a family tradition. I wasn’t even going to make them for myself last year; it brings a level of sadness, knowing my mom is gone. I know so many of you can relate.

Yet much to my surprise, my new best friend Deb made a batch for me last Christmas! Let me tell you, these are not the easiest cookies to get right. It takes practice, and trying to find the mint chips is no small task. It took Deb three tries to nail it. From what I was told, the first two batches didn’t turn out, but she kept trying.

As you know, I wouldn’t say I like to share, even with my family. I had no intention of sharing these cookies—I’m not kidding!—so I hid them in the garage for safekeeping so that I could enjoy them during the winter. These are a real treat for me, and they freeze well. The problem is, I have two kids who can sniff this stuff out. As I was unpacking the car during our family Christmas travel, what did I see in the trunk but the container with the green cookies! (I assure you, I am not the one who packed them, though Mrs. Anderson continues to tell me to share.) My kids ended up enjoying the cookies too, despite my objections. Thank you, Deb, for the cookies! I’m so appreciative that you took the time to make me a batch.

We have kept one family tradition going: My mom used to purchase the grandkids and us the same gifts each year. At times, you had to be careful not to mention anything you wanted throughout the year, because you might end up with it. Just ask my wife: one year, she received some lamps. (We are still unclear when she told my mom she wanted gold lamps.) On another occasion, the grandkids all received a MyPillow and not the airline tickets they thought they were receiving to accompany the small suitcase they had also received. Nope—just the suitcase with nowhere to go. (The level of disappointment was high among them.) It got to the point where only one of us had to open a gift to see what everyone had received. Last year, I purchased Grandma’s gift on her behalf: blankets. (Though adorable and warm, my oldest son left his behind when he went back to Houston.) This year’s family gift is a Flippy Multi-Angle Soft Stand for Tablets, Books & E-Readers. I might videotape the opening of these!
I know so many of you look forward to our holiday party each year, but with the coronavirus, we’ll just have to wait until 2021. Eating out isn’t the same these days. In-person church services have resumed at Eagle Brook, yet our church is empty (online is preferred these days). I still plan to attend in person; if you’d like to join my family for a “social distance” service, just let me know.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
~ Brett Anderson

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