Estate Planning & Financial Planning


Estate planning and financial planning are two topics you might not always put together, but they go hand in hand.

Let’s Talk about Estate Planning and Financial Planning

Estate Planning Financial Benefits

Financial planning typically consists of planning for your eventual retirement from the workforce. That’s probably the best part of financial planning for most of our clients, even if they enjoy their careers.  Life’s short, and they’d like to pursue their passions at some point.

When it comes to estate planning, we haven’t figured out how to escape this thing call death just yet. That’s where our clients need a quailed financial advisor (that’s why they hire us!), and estate planning attorney from Hudson or the Stillwater. Your advisory team collaborates to make sure your estate plan and financial plan align with your goals and your expectations.

Keeping your money out of the hands of our government (Estate Tax Minimization) is usually the driving force when it comes to Estate Planning. You’ve worked hard, and you should decide where you’d like your money to go and who you’d like to benefit. Not someone in Washington D.C. or someone in your local state capital.

Working with your Estate Planning Attorney

Your estate planning attorney will work to create a host of legal documents based on your personal situation and goals such as a Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, Marital Property Agreement, Healthcare Directive, and more. At St. Croix Advisors, we work in partnership with your attorney to help create the plan and legacy you desire.

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