Fiduciary Financial Advisor

A fiduciary financial advisor is one who manages the assets and acts on behalf of another individual. Legally, a fiduciary must act in the best interest of the person whose assets they are handling. This means they must act ethically and in good faith with each and every financial decision that is made.

Typically, fiduciary relationships are between a trustee and a beneficiary. Fiduciaries can not profit from their relationship – it is set up to take care of another’s assets. Finding a fiduciary financial advisor is an important step in the planning process for many families.

If you have children who you would like to assist financially, especially if they are considering attending a university, a fiduciary financial advisor is probably a good choice for you. Also, if you are looking forward to retirement and want to live stress-free when it comes to money by having a solid plan in place, this would be a good route to go.

Financial advisors can attain all types of certificates and recognition, but there are a few words that you want to look for specifically when selecting yours, and fiduciary is one of them. St. Croix Advisors, LLC provides this type of care so that your life can be lived to its fullest.

Take the next step. You will be glad you did. Someone else can make tough decisions for you while consistently weighing options and determining the best course of action. Visit to learn more about who we are and what we can do for you.

Find a fiduciary financial advisor near you. We serve the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area including Western Wisconsin. We can arrange to meet at our downtown Hudson office or travel closer to you.

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