Questions & Answers

What makes St. Croix Advisors unique in the marketplace?

  • We’re not flashy. If we’re in a suit and tie, someone must have died. We don’t drive fancy cars or live in million dollar homes. That’s not a part of our core values.
  • No big egos allowed here. Everyone associated with St. Croix Advisors is down to earth. We care and we want to see others succeed and reach their goals.
  • We are independent and don’t rely on one company or one product or investment to fulfill your objectives. We don’t have any proprietary products.
  • We work with our clients and keep their goals top of mind, not our own. We work for you.
  • We can’t take everyone on as a client. We have to be a good fit for each other. We look for long-term clients, not customers. We invest a ton of time, energy and resources in our relationship.
  • We keep it real and transparent. We don’t hide how much our clients compensate us.

Who is a typical client of St. Croix Advisors?  And where do our client’s live?

In a nutshell, folks just like you. Here at St. Croix Advisors we’re not big on “keeping up with the Joneses.” Chances are you’ve built your wealth over time, the old fashioned way. You’ve worked hard, been responsible, and want to see your money working for you. Our clients may live comfortably, but they’re some of the most down to earth people you’ll meet. It’s about priorities and planning, not outward appearances.

Our clients fall in a few categories:

  • Business owners
  • Retirees
  • Those in their working years saving for retirement

We have clients primarily in three areas: Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Florida. We work with clients in person, online, and over the phone. A growing segment of our clients are snowbirds.
Technology today makes it convenient to stay in contact and updated on where you stand financially. If you live in a warm climate during the winter months, I’m happy to see you and I won’t outstay my welcome.

As a client of St. Croix Advisors, do you have my best interests in mind?

In a word, yes. Expect St. Croix Advisors to understand your goals, objectives, and dreams to design a financial plan to help you achieve your desired results. Your best interests are what motivates us to do our best work. Over the years, your goals may change, we recommend that you update us and your financial plan at least annually to help ensure you’re on track.

How does St. Croix Advisors, LLC help their clients?

When you work with St. Croix Advisors, you benefit by working with a Certified Financial Planner® who is INDEPENDENT and EXPERIENCED not only in the financial services area, but life. Being independent allows us not to be worried about a sales quota or selling you a product you don’t need because that’s what the higher ups are pushing.

Here are a few key services we provide:

  • Ongoing Investment services and management.
  • Financial Planning.
  • Accountability.
  • Sounding Board for those times when you really know better.

How safe is my money?

Your money is always held by a third party custodian, so it is as safe as it can be. Custodians used by clients include Pershing or Charles Schwab or directly at an additional third party custodian based on our client’s requirements.

How do we get paid?

We are a full fee disclosure firm. We don’t hide it. We outline our fees and rates in our disclosure documents so you know upfront and you’ll never be surprised as to the scope of our work. Fees will be agreed upon upfront. It’s most common that our clients are charged an asset managed fee and paid on a quarterly basis upon the rate pre-disclosed to you in your Advisory Agreement. Clients who engage our services for financial planning will be charged separately for those services. For our consulting services or other services, this is typically an hourly rate that would be assessed for services that fall outside of investment management or financial planning as outlined in our ADV disclosure documents.

I’m ready to get started! What’s the next step?

Call St. Croix Advisors at (651) 337-1919 or email to schedule a meeting to get started. We will coordinate a meeting time and what items to bring to your first meeting.

iAdvise Technology

What is iAdvise?

A personal financial website customized just for you, iAdvise allows you to organize and simplify your financial life all in one place.

Why use a digital wealth management portal?

There’s no question that managing a lifetime of assets is complex and requires a commitment to ongoing attention and monitoring. The greater the assets you accumulate, the more demanding it becomes to manage your wealth and seek to ensure opportunities are not being overlooked.

How does it work?

iAdvise helps us efficiently collect and analyze your financial data, identify possibilities and track progress on an ongoing basis. It can help you consolidate and integrate the various areas of your financial life in real time, and can provide reports that can be viewed 24/7.
You’ll have access to a secure, online vault for storing critical documents and information, including your estate planning documents, insurance policies, income tax returns, passports and photos of valuable assets.

How do I get started?

We’ll schedule a time to go through the set-up process. A temporary username and password will be sent to you. When you login the first time, you’ll be asked to create a new password and setup security questions. (It’s important to make record of your new password.) During our call, we’ll help link your accounts to iAdvise and explain how your customized financial website works.

How do I access my information?

Updated daily, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your financial picture (including bank accounts, retirement plan assets, brokerage, mutual fund, annuity, insurance and 529 plans), no matter where you are or where your assets sit. Secure access to your personal website is available anytime, on any device you choose.

I’m ready! What’s the next step?

St. Croix Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Woodbury, MN.Disclaimer