Fulfilling Dreams at Different Life Stages


I don’t remember where it started, but when I was a kid, I used to dream of owning a gas station. If that dream were to come true today, I’d like to own KwikTrip—the entire company, not just one store! They are always very clean, they offer lots of grab-and-go food options, and their team members are truly committed to customer service.

Mind you, back then, my idea of a gas station was somewhere that fixed your car, filled your tank, and cleaned your windshield. I never envisioned a place with the in-and-out convenience of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any snacks you could possibly want! My gas station dreams have certainly evolved. What about your dreams?

How Do Dreams Change Over Time?

Consider life’s many stages: childhood, our teenage years, adulthood, and retirement. How many times have your dreams, hopes, and goals changed?

Dreaming was so much easier back when we were kids. We didn’t know any better. The sky was the limit. As kids, our imaginations could and did run wild.

But adulthood brings its own set of complexities—financial obligations, relationships, and responsibilities, all acting as potential roadblocks to our dreams.

The Lifelong Journey of Dream Fulfillment

Can we still create new dreams or fulfill those of days gone by, even as we progress through the different stages of our lives? Absolutely!

Over the course of our lives, we’ll achieve some dreams and let others fade away. But that’s the beauty of dreaming. We can change them. We can make new ones.

I want to share with you something I heard over 20 years ago and have had in the back of my mind ever since: Dreams don’t have to die with the dream maker.

That’s the cool thing about my profession: I get to help our clients fulfill their dreams.

Mrs. Anderson and I talk often about what we’d like to accomplish in our lifetime. Adopting grandkids is very high on her list, as is experiencing the world through travel and finding new ways to impact others through volunteerism.

Once, while we were discussing our dreams, I told her I would be disappointed if I died before I could accomplish my dream list. Without missing a beat, she told me that would be OK, because she’d still be alive and could fulfill them for me. I sleep with one eye open these days. ☺

But the truth is that while I want us to fulfill our dreams together, in the event that one of us is gone, I still want the other to make and fulfill new dreams. This is when life insurance becomes pivotal.

While the life insurance proceeds will serve as a financial safety net, they can also be dream-enablers. The payout isn’t just about covering daily expenses or sustaining the lifestyle we enjoyed. It’s also a heartfelt promise you make, ensuring that your loved one can still pursue their dreams and find joy, even if you can’t be there to share in those moments.

Let’s Talk About Your Dreams

Throughout my career, I’ve seen my clients experience personal and professional transitions at many different points in their lives. Maybe you’ve created your own dream board or bucket list. Many of those items will get fulfilled, and some might always be outstanding. But that’s the cool thing about dreams: there’s always room for us to work toward fulfilling our goals.

Even as we get older, it’s OK to dream and enjoy the dreams we’ve always dreamed about. We can continue to fulfill our dreams as our lives change. If you would like to have a conversation about how to fulfill your dreams, let’s discuss how I can help. Contact me today.