I Believe


I believe

I believe in a lot of things… i.e., what goes up must come down; money doesn’t grow on trees; my dog loves me more than anything; it’s easier to spend money than make it; life’s not worth living without chocolate; the earth is round. But my biggest belief is that God does exist.

I believe in the God of creation. It’s so easy, with the hustle and bustle of life, that we don’t think about why or how we all got here.

I feel most free when I’m outdoors, away from the city and technology. Whether on the North Shore, exploring coastal waters, fishing in icy straits, hiking in South Dakota, or watching the sunset from the back of a boat in the Mediterranean.

He exists when I look at my dog, watch whales 25 feet off my boat, see mice enter my home in the winter, or gaze at bald eagles that hover over the St. Croix River.

I believe we all have eternal life. Our bodies were not created to live forever. Yet at times, I find that hard to process. Life is short and we should enjoy it while we are here on Earth.