I Worry that I Won’t Accomplish Everything I Want to Accomplish Before my Time sunsets Gere on Earth.  I Suspect I’m not Alone.


As I’m writing this it’s a Saturday night, 8:19 p.m., a movie is on, the dog’s sleeping on his back with one paw in the air as if he’s waiting to ask a question, my wife is reading, my oldest is almost 26 years old living in Houston, and my youngest is in her final year of high school and out with a friend (I wish you could hear the joy in my voice and see the spring in my step!) As I review this list, it represents a few things in my life: one chapter of my life is coming to a close and hopefully this means a new chapter is starting, which excites me.

Once a parent, always a parent. Nicholas is completely independent and on his own. Kenzie, she’s probably still going to need her parents for a while yet, or maybe a “paycheck” for a while until she can fully financially support herself. When my kids need my help to move, I’m happy to call 2 Men & A Truck for them, give them fatherly advice from all my years of first-hand experiences I learned along the way, and offer that pep-talk they might need for what life might have in store for them. I’ll plan to be there for them.

Core Values Financial Planning

The next chapter of my life will entail three aspects I want to strive for:

  1. Be impactful in my relationships
  2. Simplify my life
  3. Experience the world.

All this sounds really good, but what does it mean and can I back it up and actually live it? Or strive for it? Worth trying…

Being Impactful in my Relationships

Both personally and professionally. I plan to be present in my interactions and do what I can to help those who need it.

Simplify my Life

I’ve been working on this for a while now. It’s not easy examining every area of your life and where do you need to make hard decisions so you can increase your efficiencies, decrease your stress, and pick up time. I’ve made strides but there’s more to go. Over the next year, I’ll have made even more decisions to help simplify my life.

Experience the World

I look forward to traveling, experiencing other cultures, sites, foods, etc. with my lovely bride. There is so much to see and experience, both near and far. Soon I won’t have to deal with school schedules. I’m free! I can come and go as I want.

I suspect my list will evolve and change over time and perhaps I’ll never fully live up to it. But I sure can try.

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