I’m rightsizing my home


I have to tell you, preparing your home for sale is a pain in the rear, period! I thought hiring a professional would make it easier, but it wasn’t.

Here is what I’ve learned from this process. I know when you look at me you think of style, fashion, hipness and the list goes on. All true of course, but the truth is I wanted someone good with color and design to help prepare my home for sale. So we hired an interior designer to help us. I asked all the right questions and if they would have answered my questions correctly, more importantly honestly, I never would have hired them. I have no problem paying for their services, but this is how they really get paid.

First, is I purchase all the items to stage my house.

Furniture, lamps, drapes, bedding and the list goes on. But this is what gets me. When my house sells, the interior designer keeps each and every item I purchased and if I’d like to keep any of them I pay them again for the item. What? Sure, I wouldn’t mind updating my bedroom sheets, comforters, pillows, etc., but I have to pay for them twice? Huh?

Second, is when I asked for the carpets, granite and all those other big items if there was an additional fee.

I was told no. Turns out when the carpet guys came to my house to collect the remaining balance the math didn’t add up to the invoice I agreed to pay the interior designer. They do indeed charge additional fees. I only wish I could charge their markup rate.

Third, I just wanted to pay an hourly rate for these services.

Initially, I was told it would cost $1,500 for their services and I was fine with that. Yet, by the time we would have paid her $7,000 to pick some carpet, granite, faucets, etc., for my home. That’s good money and I’m in the wrong business.

If they would have answered my questions honestly, I would have never hired their firm. And they know it. When I questioned what they told me, they couldn’t come clean for almost 15 minutes.

I asked the right questions but was given the wrong information. So here is what I learned for the next time. In my business, I’m required to provide my clients an outline of services, how I’m compensated, etc. I’ll going to require that from other service providers as well. I also want to make sure I’m dealing with a decision maker of the company. No middle men or middle women.

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