It’s Not About How Much You Make, But Rather How Much You Keep


how much you save

It’s not about how much you make, but rather how much you save. It’s not too often I get surprised in my day-to-day life. Despite my relatively young age, I feel like I’ve lived a lifetime. However, for others observing my life, it may seem uneventful. Being in this business, money is a daily topic in most conversations.

It’s common that a good percentage of Americans don’t have any retirement savings. Zero savings. That’s not really the surprise.

We live in a world of consumption.

It’s a world where we are judged by our jobs, clothing, cars, home, etc. As a financial advisor, I find it refreshing when I meet a family of four making $100,000 and the have money in their savings or checking account, don’t live paycheck to paycheck, and have $100,000+ in their retirement account. They made a choice about their spending, values, and desires to not keep up with the Joneses.

They want to keep more of their own money, live by their values, and be good stewards of their finances. They understand the ease with which money can go out the door and the effort it takes to earn it.

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