Linking Planning & Philanthropy


First, a special thanks to the St. Croix Valley Foundation for hosting a roundtable discussion today. Previously, Linking Planning and Philanthropy were the topics at the Lake Elmo Event Center. Earlier, I was accompanied by Dwight Cummins (Cummins Law Office Bayport) and Roy Sjoberg (Sjoberg and Tebelius Attorneys, Woodbury). Also, we had the opportunity to speak on how we’ve facilitated charitable giving discussions within our practices.

Meaningful Conversations

Especially with clients, I’ve been aiming to have meaningful conversations. Together with these conversations comes the impacts they want to make in their communities and families. Beyond, these are an important step in understanding their beliefs, values, and views of philanthropy. Generally, clients want to charitably give, but need a facilitator to help them do so. As an example, financial advisors hold the responsibility of helping our clients accomplish their charitable giving wishes.

In particular, charitable giving makes both parties feel better. Regularly, my clients will set aside a budget for this type of giving. Such as a fund for an organization of their choice. Otherwise, I assist them in a generic savings fund allocated for that purpose. Also, clients build that into their budgeting.


Philanthropy & Financial Planning

Also, if you have questions on how to facilitate a discussion, give me a call. Next, you can help your clients incorporate charitable giving into their estate planning. Additionally, please contact me and I’ll be happy to meet with you to give you a recap of our discussion.

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