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impactful life

It’s something I ask myself every day. How can I have an impactful life? Am I living an impactful life? What is an impactful life? What is life all about? Am I living up to my expectations or God’s expectations?

As I write this, we are in the trenches of the holiday season. I see the spirit of the season in things like Toys For Tots, Salvation Army, Sharing and Caring Hands, and the list goes on. Not to mention all the store ads in the paper, online, or endless emails. Plus, all the goodies and treats along the way.

Every day I have the opportunity to help so many reach their personal and professional goals. It’s pretty darn cool when I play a role in someone reaching their goals no matter how big or small they area. I enjoy helping others and solving problems. Looking 5 to 10 steps ahead of them to see what roadblocks I can help remove, predict or modify.

As I get older, I have come to understand that aging does have its privileges and downfalls.

I wish I knew what I knew today 20 years ago. I probably would have done dozens of things differently. Others probably find themselves feeling the same way. I don’t view this as a negative, rather this has helped me continually look for ways I can improve or add value to others I encounter.

There is so much more to life than “stuff.” For many, you reach a certain age and seek the find the meaning of your life and may even experience an emptiness.

Here are three ways to have an impactful life.

Give your time

Volunteering in an area you are passionate about is powerful and is often more impactful than any amount of money. There are so many people and organizations and the needs are immense. Volunteering is a great way to connect with others in your community or around the world. I hear about so many mission trips to third world countries and impacts they make by helping to build a school, a house, or even digging a well. Often, we feel like we’re too busy to volunteer but there are so many ways we can contribute our resources.

Give your resources

So many people I know are generous with their resources. They tithe to the church, give money to non-profits, or lend that helping hand to someone in need. Some are generous in charity because of a personal experience and they know their money will be impactful in so many other lives.

Give your heart and experience

I remember when I was growing up (some say I haven’t) that I thought that my parents didn’t know anything. What kid thinks their parents know all the answers? As a parent, I’ve experienced this too. In retrospect, my parents knew better (most of the time). Now as a parent myself, I know better 100% of the time, or that’s what I think. However, I don’t believe my kids feel or think that way.

I know I can be impactful with so many people and I know you can too. Listen, share your life experiences, your expertise and the list goes on. There are going to be people in our community that need help. Volunteer with an organization that you have a passion for. If you would like help in discovering your passion for an organization that can benefit from your involvement, let’s talk.

For years, I’ve volunteered my time, resources and expertise. It’s just darn cool all the ways I have the privilege of trying to be impactful in my community.

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