Living out our values – Life Lesson 7 of 50


living our values

Living our values is easier said than done. Values come in all kinds of forms and include our views on religion, money, friends, family, etc. I suspect for many of us our values were developed at a young age as we were growing up. For others, our values have developed and changed over time as we’ve experienced more of life.

For me, I had a host of values instilled as a young kid. From growing up Presbyterian, to treating elderly with respect, to honoring our parents and grandparents, and showing up for work.

Today, I carry many of those values today with me. Yet, my values have changed as I’ve had my own children. For me, I try to always live out my own values, but it seems life is always a work in progress and there are failures along the way.

I’ve had so many life experiences that have impacted me. But that’s the cool thing about life, you never know where it will take you

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