Looking Back Without Regret


without regret

I wish I had a life without regret. When my kids were younger, I wished I had spent more time with them. I wish I hadn’t worked or even thought about work so much or buy stuff I really didn’t need.

I suspect my list could be longer if I truly thought about other regrets I’ve experienced over the last 50+ years. And I’m sure there aren’t many people who can say they would not change a single thing, but there are specific experiences to look out for.

Mrs. Anderson and I have been talking a lot as we plan the rest of our lives. Number 1 is to not have regrets. We’re done making excuses – but sometimes life gets in the way of trying to live without regrets.

One regret is not spending enough time with our oldest, Nicholas. He now lives in Houston and is working on being a big-time architect at an international firm.

What’s cool is he comes home at Christmas each year for two weeks even at the ripe old age of 28. Yet, with life and work, it’s been hard for us to break away to see him more throughout the year. I’m not going to let that stop us any more. Sure, it takes some work and planning, but there is nothing we can’t overcome to spend a few more days with him throughout the year.

I do enjoy spending time with my family and I don’t want to continue to have this regret in my life.

Be mindful of how you spend your time; you don’t want to look back with a life full of regret.