Looking for Unconditional Love?


get a dog

There’s nothing quite like the unconditional love you’ll experience with a dog—and if you already have one, you understand how they enrich our lives and brighten our everyday experiences. They become the friend you didn’t know you needed, and they’re there to make your bad days better.

When you arrive home, a dog is always excited to see you. They ask no tiresome questions about your day or how much money you made. Instead, they show their love and enthusiasm with giant eyes, an eager tongue, and a tail that won’t stop wagging

This lesson isn’t about money; it’s about having a lifelong friend. Friends take care of each other. I trust my dog entirely. No distributions are allowed from our trust until our dog is financially secure. (Although my wife won’t let me leave it all to the dog.)

Owning a dog means they take care of you as much as you take care of them (even when they’re hogging the bed). I call it the “presumption close”: a dog is always willing and able to go wherever you’re going, eat whatever you eat (without cleaning up after the meal), and even go to work with you (without any intention of working).

In today’s world, I believe many people feel lonely. Getting a dog guarantees one thing: you’ll have a little buddy right there with you, wagging their tail. Don’t worry, I value kids as well.

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