Meaningful Breakfast Meeting


Today, I had a chance to have breakfast with a friend – a pleasure I get once or twice a year with him. He’s very successful in whatever ways you define success. He owns several great businesses, has a loving family, wonderful kids and happy grandkids that he adores. He also is strongly committed to this faith and our country and had lived a great life.

During our conversation, he told me that about 18 months ago he just didn’t feel something was right and went to the doctor. It turns out he had cancer.

As I normally try to do, I seek to understand people and ask lots of questions. I’ve spoken with other individuals with cancer and they’ve said to me that they were grateful they got cancer. I asked him about that, and his immediate responses was, “Yes, I get that.” No hesitation at all. My follow-up was if he could explain that to me? He said,

“ Yes. It (cancer) showed me what was really important in life.”

I thought to myself, wow, that’s the same response I’ve had from others when I’ve asked them. It’s not about the cars, houses, clothes, but it’s about your family and friends. That’s a values lesson that doesn’t hurt any of us to have each and every day. I suspect this isn’t an easy lesson to maintain at times for most of us.

What was even more powerful and just darn right surprising to me, was our own infamous bucket lists we have in the back of our minds or written down. He said, “Throw that stuff right out the door,” once you get a diagnosis like this. Wow, I hadn’t thought about in this context, but you may not have time to travel, see the world, jump from airplanes. Rather your time is now spent on saving your life.

I look forward to my future breakfast meetings with my friend and continuing to learn, improve and hopefully be impactful along the way.

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