Men – Three ways to improve your sex life!


As a man, I’ve been a lifelong learner and by my side is my wife who continually educates me along with way. I’m thankful she’s helped me become a better man. Sure, it’s taken over 26 years and the fact is her job will never be done.

So what are the three ways to improve your sex life?

First, do not discuss your finances before bed.

I suspect you know that nothing ruins the mood more than discussing money and maybe how much you (or rather your spouse) may have overspent in the last few weeks.

The second way to improve your sex life is to be realistic when it comes to budgeting each other’s financial needs.

Our needs and wants can vary greatly. Sure, my hair cut costs me $14 and I’ve been told it looks like it. But when I add a tip it’s an entire $20 bill to look this good. Now let’s say Mrs. Anderson haircuts cost $125 and by the time you add the highlights and tip it can really add up. BTW – she looks great! So how can one fairly compare a $20 haircut to a $125 haircut? It’s impossible and I will state that I am not qualified and will never do it again.

The third and final way to improve your sex life is to have some mad money.

It’s money that neither one of you can complain about that you spent. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that verbal performance review on how you spend your family’s hard-earned money with a couple of questions and observations – i.e. How long have you had that? How much did that cost? I can’t believe you spent much money on that. I hear this all the time with couples I work with.

The great thing about Mrs. Anderson and myself is we always agree on the who, what, where, when and why about money which is why I’m so qualified to write about. Just ask me! I’m looking to reach the one percent of individuals reading this that just can’t help themselves and money is always on their mind. Surprisingly, as a financial advisor, money is not always on my mind. Money is not always an easy subject brining up all kinds of positive and negative emotions. There is always time to bring up this topic, but you need to ask when is the best and appropriate time to discuss. And that time is never, ever bedtime.

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