Merry Christmas & Best Wishes in 2015 from St. Croix Advisors!


I Still Believe…

I can’t explain it, but as I continue to age, time just flies by. In just a few short years (and if all goes right) my wife and I will have an empty nest. Even with the passage of time, some things just stay the same. Quite frankly, I still cherish a host of family traditions this Christmas and Holiday Season that we embrace as a family and I look forward to each year. We have four (yes four) family Christmas gatherings this Holiday Season with tons of food, stories of Christmas pasts, and making up for lost time between gatherings. For me, it’s not about the materialist items (yet I did give Santa a short list just in case he needed an idea or two), but it’s the personal time we have and share with our friends and family that makes this time of year so special.


During this time ever year, I get a chance to reflect over the last and I’m reminded how life has changed for my family, friends, clients and myself. Life – it’s always evolving, shifting and sometimes not in ways we’ve planned. From the passing of a loved one – it doesn’t matter if it’s expected or not, an accident with serious injuries- we’re thankful angels were watching over them (there are many angels watching over my clients), relocating to a warmer climate – we all completely understand here in the cold tundra, friends turning 90 or 100 years old – a milestone only a few of us will achieve.


Brett Anderson Happy Holidays
Every year I’m amazed at the grace and generosity of those around me, not only with their financial resources, but with their time throughout the year.

I especially ask that you keep in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season our military members and their families as they selflessly protect us near and far, day and night. To show our support my family seeks out a military family or two each to help make their Christmas a little more special. I can’t put into words the feeling, but you know what I’m taking about when you see someone’s eyes light up and they gently wipe a small tear from their eyes knowing that someone, a stranger cares.

Lastly, I leave you with the comments I received from my Christmas card in 2013. Your response was tremendous! You may recall the shredded money that fell from the card as you opened it. Here’s a recap of what some of you shared with me.

Card Recipient: Was that real money?

Brett: Yes.

Card Recipient: Brett Anderson!!! I’m picking up shredded dollar bills from my floor!!!!  Terry said it’s illegal to do that by the way!

Brett: That’s why I purchased it from the United States Treasure. Three hots and a cot is not ideal for me.

Card Recipient: Thank you for the Christmas card, that was really sweet! And the shredded money was a great touch, I was wearing it.

Brett: (Quietly giggling to myself)

Card Recipient: I spent my lunch hour piecing together the dollar bill and I am only missing 1 small piece…any chance you can see if you still have it?

Brett: I wish I still did!

I can picture each one of you last year picking up the shredded pieces saying a few choice words, so this year I hope it’s a smile instead.

So yes, I still believe and a picture with Santa in 2014 it is. A word of caution for 2015, be prepared, who knows what I’ll come up with.


“The journey isn’t always easy, but the road of life is smoother with help along the way.”

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. May the remainder of 2014 and all of 2015 be filled with laughter, love, friendship and peace for each of you.

Brett Anderson

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