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my mom

Sometimes words are hard to find and reality hits home as one ages. My mom has been my rock, my biggest supporter even before I was born. Today, you see a cool, calm and collected individual, but I made sure as I was growing up that my mom certainly her hands full with me. Sure today, I’m her pride, but growing up, I wasn’t. I’ve always seen my mom as a picture of health – young no matter her age.

For a number of months, my mom for was experiencing a side pain that wouldn’t go away. For months, she blamed by best four-legged friend Riley.

Over the summer, they would sit outside on the front step watching the day and people go by.

Riley, a 90 pound lab/hound mix, sometimes has a mind of his own. One day the hound in him decided to take my mom for a ride and she held on for dear life so Riley didn’t get hit by a car and she didn’t hit the ground. At the young old age of 78, being yanked so hard hurt her right side and pulled some muscles.

After months of ongoing pain, she finally went to the doctor and it’s not the news anyone wants to hear…”Ma’am, you have Cancer.” Pancreatic Cancer none the less. It’s a form of cancer where the survival rate is under five percent after five years of being diagnosed and only 60 percent of patients are even able to complete eight rounds of chemo. Many of you have lived and survived cancer, others have experienced the challenges that cancer brings to one’s self and our loved ones. I can only pray that one day that a cure for all cancers will be here.

On the bright side, after months of blaming Riley for the pulled muscles and side pain – and him feeling so bad – she reflected that it was probably Riley that help save her and getting her to see a doctor. I asked if she’s apologized to him yet because I know he still feels bad.

My mom is a “believer,” which I’m grateful for. She can use our prayers everyday if you’d be willing to add her to your prayers? It’s in God’s hands.

We may not have eternal physical life but we have eternal life with Him.

My mom is not alone on this “journey,” she has God, her daughter and son, family and friends willing to help her. And let’s not forget about her favorite four legged friend, Riley.

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