Prince your Advisor’s Advice


That’s right. Prince their advice. It’s all over the news – how could Prince not have a Will? Why is everyone shocked that he didn’t have a Will? Do you really believe Prince’s advisors never discussed establishing an estate plan with him? I suspect he thought he’d live a long time. We could all use some Advisor’s Advice.

We all ignore advice. We’re all guilty of it. Including me. Do you follow your Financial Advisor’s recommendations and implement them right away? What about advice from your Estate Planning Attorney, Business Attorney, your Physician, or even your spouse? If you’re being honest, I suspect that at some point in your life, you didn’t follow some advice and it bit you in the rear.

Prince Will & Estate Planning

Prince Your Advisor’s Advice before it’s too late.

Yet, I bet we’ve also experienced the opposite of that. Your gut told you otherwise and you were glad you didn’t take that advice someone offered you.

“Sometimes we need an external shakeup or event for us to take those steps we’ve procrastinated on and maybe that is Prince’s final gift to us all.”

It’s funny – not in a “ha ha” way – but in a motivational way. I was talking with a client about an issue he hadn’t addressed for a handful of years and now, finally, his motivation was Prince.

Prince Your Advisor’s Advice before it’s too late.

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