Pursuing Your Passions


pursuing your passions

Photo by Kal Visuals

If you’ve postponed pursuing your passions in favor of chasing money, don’t worry—there’s no shame in this, and you’re not alone. Over the years, I’ve found myself in the same situation, but I’ve come to believe that there’s a more fulfilling way to live.

Perhaps there was something you enjoyed or loved doing when you were younger. However, societal pressures, parental influence, or other voices in your life may have discouraged you, insisting it couldn’t be a viable career. Their negativity might have deterred you from pursuing your passions. Now, sadly, many find themselves too drained from the daily grind to muster the energy for those once-cherished pursuits. Consequently, numerous individuals postpone their deepest desires until that elusive future called “retirement.”

But you know what? Retirement, for many of you, is in the future. This is your present. Don’t let anyone convince you that your passions can’t sustain you financially. Countless people do it every day!

If you feel a calling, don’t allow anyone to undermine your worthiness to pursue it. Money matters, and planning for retirement is important, but life is too brief to wait for tomorrow. Time is a precious gift, and it’s your duty to dedicate yours to pursuing your passions, enabling a fulfilling life.