Putting the F-U-N in Funerals


Recently I was at a funeral. It’s a privilege as we age as our way of paying our respect for our family, friends, co-workers, etc. Let’s talk about planning a funeral.

We have pastors attempting to deliver a message of hope, humor and connect with the attendees, yet often time they never met the deceased person. Yet as I attended two funerals over the past month I started to wonder why there isn’t more F-U-N at funerals?

How do you start planning a funeral?

One pastor made a very interesting comment about thinking about the impacts we have left after we pass. That started getting me to think about all the impacts I’ve made on my journey and how many more I’ll make along the way.

One example was a grandfather who loved his granddaughter so deeply and she was the apple of his eye. Not only they did spend time together, but they also spoke every day. They were best friends. This started the day she was born and for over a decade and his impact on his little granddaughter will last, he whole life and for generations to come. Most grandparents don’t have the privilege of spending time together with their grandchildren.

So, I’m on a journey of how to add f-u-n into funerals.

Don’t you want to leave on the highest note possible? I’d like to have people leave and say, “That darn Brett. He was funny, impactful, and I’m going to miss the guy. Remember that time he ………?”

If you look to rate the funerals you’ve attended, does one stand out at top on? For me, one was where people shared stories and they guy who passed away had a personal note to his friends and family that the pastor read. Incredibly powerful.

On a recent trip to Switzerland, I discovered where I’d like to be buried. I won’t disclose the exact location as I don’t want you to beat me there. But here’s a picture of the place.

According to Mrs. Anderson, that’s not going to happen. However, there will be plenty of money to make it happen, so I’m unclear why it can’t happen. Hmmmm?

I want a funeral where my friends and family are sharing stories, engaging in laughter and tears knowing that I impacted their lives.

Tell stories of how I helped families achieve their goals of children going to college, purchasing that first home, living worry free in retirement, or showing up with money because of the loss of a loved one? Maybe, I request they watch my favorite movie with all the enjoyments of a movie theater. (Note: favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption). Followed by enjoying my favorite food – pizza, BBQ, shrimp and root beer. And let’s not forget about Ben & Jerry’s or Gelato from Italy. Or the Belgium chocolate I have flown in each year during the holiday season. Just the other day, I thought I’d like a big worship music concert.

Do you have a funeral idea you’ve thought about or and you’d like to share with someone? Drop me a note so at least one person knows your wishes. It is good to start planning a funeral for yourself.

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