Renting watches, robot lawn mowers to monthly car rental clubs


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It’s not often I’m surprised, but this one really caught me off guard. People actually rent watches. Seriously!

Eleven James,

an online company based in Detroit, is off to the races. They rent men and women’s watches by the month. When looking at their website it isn’t your Timex watch you’re renting (maybe I’ve just shown my age). Sure they are nice watches but if you can afford to rent a high-end watch, you probably already have a phone, correct? So I wonder how many people check their phones vs. their wrist for the time? I stopped wearing a watches years ago and now wear a Fitbit to track my steps. Yet, these are nice watches.

Robin, a robot lawn cutting service.

You can rent an electric mower. Sure it can manicure your lawn each and every day. They just install cable so the robot knows where to go and a home base to recharge. You’ll still have to trim, weed, etc. So it’s not 100% done for yourself.

Car rental clubs.

Gone are those two or three-year car leases. Now for the car connoisseur, there are clubs to enjoy a new car each week or month. It’s call Clutch. You pick the car you want to drive each month or each week. They have a fleet of high end vehicles to choose from. Not to mention you can change the cars out if you don’t like it. I leased my Honda for 3 years. Like it or not I’m stuck so I guess I better like it. With Clutch I wouldn’t not stuck.

So all these rental ideas got we wondering……as a society; we’ve changed on how we perceive or look at “stuff”. Our parents and grandparents believed in owing. Owning is powerful and you’ve paid for it vs. having to give it back. Today, it seems our society is shifting and wants the newest and latest models. I blame it on Apple and McDonald’s. We want things now (and waiting for two minutes for “fast” food isn’t acceptable) and you have to have the latest iPhone because the version before just isn’t the same nor does it do the same things. But it does if we are honest with ourselves.

“Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.”

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