by Brett Anderson, President, St. Croix Advisors, LLC

What is Halloween?

What is Halloween? Why do we dress up in silly costumes and knock on the doors of strangers with expectations of free treats? Why do we intentionally surround ourselves with spooky stuff? How did it all begin?

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Why limit ourselves to only 52 Saturdays a year?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my profession, but I can’t wait to enjoy 365 Saturdays’ a year. Saturday’s to me represents freedom. Freedom to pick and choose what I want to do. Not what I have to do to pay the bills. For many individuals I meet with, one major worry on their minds is that they’ll be bored in their retirement years. We’ve worked for 30, 40 or 50 years.

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3 Key Steps for women to manage your money and investments after a divorce

One major reality for many women who have experienced a divorced is learning to manage their money and investments. It seems for many couples I meet with, one spouse takes the lead on paying the bills, making investments and financial retirement decisions. Before you finalize your divorce or even if your divorce is finalized, here are three key steps to take.

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Values, money and financial planning

The other day, I attended the Minnesota Men’s Breakfast in Naples, Florida. The CEO of Cargill spoke about his organization and what the consumer is demanding from its food providers and suppliers. He talked about values-based food, where it came from, how it’s grown, GMO or not, etc. Today, consumers are demanding a personal connection and relationship with their food and grower. That got me thinking about my clients, their money and values toward financial planning.

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Advantages of retiring to Florida

Sure, we all have some very obvious reasons to retire in Florida; Sun, warm weather, no estate or income taxes. From my perspective, how many more reasons do you need? As I write this on a Saturday night, watching playoff football, tomorrow morning’s low will be 43 degrees (No, that’s no typo) here in Naples, Florida. Down here they consider that cold.

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I’m ready! What’s the next step?

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