Simplify Your Time,
Simplify Your Life


Man, I could spend all day, 5 days a week, meeting with vendors and wholesalers offering their products to my clients. Working in an intangible business, you never run out of inventory or have supply issues because a machine broke down or a supplier couldn’t get a part in.

By sifting through the hundreds of calls and emails I get each day that ends in a sales pitch, I am guarding your time. Part of my job is acting as the middle man and deciding what is worth your time by using my best judgement. Most of the time, the products and services will take more time and money to install/implement than they will actually pay off. However, there have been times when products have met the needs of my clients, and I have forwarded that information onto the respective parties.

In short, I am simplifying your life and saving your time by taking care of this end of the deal. You can focus on your kids’ sporting events, family birthdays, and work deadlines while I worry about your money. Know that it is in good hands.

One common thread that you and I have is 24 hours in a day. If you don’t protect your calendar, before you know it, you are no longer in charge of your schedule. We need to protect one our most important resources – time.

I’ve become guarded of my schedule over the years, so I don’t feel overwhelmed with the day to day expectations of my family and clients. I know I live by a calendar, I have to in order to keep it all straight each day. It’s even typical for my wife and I to compare our schedules to meet the demands of our family. Yet, that’s usually while we are in bed, with computers in each of our laps. Do you have a favorite calendar resource you use to track and schedule your meetings? Do you make a checklist on there too?

The bottom line is that neither you nor I can meet with everyone. I wish I could, I truly enjoy hearing each person’s stories. However, we need to protect our time and our calendar to focus on the items that are most important to us in helping us reaching our goals – personally and professionally.

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