Solving for Happiness


solving for happiness

The pursuit of happiness can be a slippery slope. For many, I suspect we’ve never really thought about truly solving for happiness. Personally, I’ve been guilty of focusing on the day-to-day or thinking that new tech toy would be bring much joy and fulfillment.

As it turns out, for me and others, achieving true happiness requires seeking and expecting more.

For many, the belief that money is the key to happiness is deeply ingrained. I wish it was that easy.

The reality is that money and material possessions can introduce stress and problems along our journey of life. And maybe it’s about our expectations and views of what money and things can bring. Yet, the love of money is where I believe it’s easiest for us to get derailed.

“Solving for Happiness” starts with knowing ourselves. That sounds easy, but it actually takes time and soul-searching to figure out what will truly bring us happiness. Most of us have postponed joy and happiness for the pursuit of money. It’s only natural based on today’s society and world.

Life is too short to not truly examine how we can achieve happiness today and into the future.

It’s so easy for us to only see obstacles in the way of our achievement of happiness. Not just placing our financial house in order, but about what’s meaningful to us and how can we be impactful within our families, communities, or world. It’s thinking without boundaries we’ve placed on ourselves. Coloring outside the lines when we’ve gotten so used to coloring inside them.

Life planning takes shape when your finances align with your sense of purpose. This connection tends to be profoundly meaningful, often surpassing any previous connections. It starts with just a few basic, impactful questions that you’ve probably not thought about in a new light or with a new perspective.

Drop me a note if you’d like to schedule time to have a meaningful conversation about how to solve for happiness.