St. Croix Advisors Partnering to Offer Free Consulting to Underserved Communities


First, St. Croix Advisors is partnering with the Financial Planning Association of Minnesota. Next, Twin Cities Financial Planning Day will be held on Saturday, Oct. 29, from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. Additionally, it is located at the Wilder Center in St. Paul. Furthermore, please visit the website. Also, any specific questions can be directed to Brett.

For the most part, attendees are in a situation where a financial planner is not practical. Hence, the offering is mainly for those in this type of situation. However, anyone is welcome. Above all, please join us, it really could change your life. Furthermore, these tools will carry you far beyond today. Also, just one step can put you on a whole new path.


But why?

Altogether, about 50 financial planners are volunteering their time. By the way, these free services are being offered to underserved communities, young adults, individuals or families. Particularly, we understand that there are many who may not be able to engage a personal financial planner. As a result, this opportunity will benefit all parties.

Above all, personal financial planning is essential, regardless of age or income. Likewise, it is vital to meeting life goals, such as buying a home, paying for college or achieving a secure retirement. To summarize, there are millions of Americans with pressing financial questions that need answers. Unfortunately, many have not had the opportunity to discuss those questions with competent and ethical financial planners.

Besides, everyone strives to achieve financial simplicity no matter their circumstance. Here, we are able to help others in the community who wouldn’t normally reach out for help.

First, Brett Anderson is a Certified Financial Planner® with over 16 years of experience. Second, Brett works with many area business leaders and individuals on their personal investment strategies. Third, he is a graduate of Augsburg College and actively volunteers on the St. Croix Valley Foundation and St. Croix Economic Development Association. Today, Brett is excited to give a run-down of financial planning for many. Additionally, visit

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