Recruit, Reward & Retain Your Employees


Recruit, Reward & Retain Your Employees


One in three Americans is now over the age of 50. Many have the expectation of outliving their parents. Retirement planning is more important now than ever. Including supplemental benefits in the overall benefits package can be beneficial. Companies can assist their employee beyond profit sharing and 401ks. Additionally, companies benefit from adding individual financial planning. Employers should be fostering an environment that recruits, rewards and retains employees.

Brett Anderson, President of St. Croix Advisors, spoke at The Twin Cities Chapter of The International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists (ISCEBS). Yesterday, the event was held at the Golden Valley Golf and Country Club. His presentation was titled “Recruit, Retain & Reward Your Employees Until They’re Ready to Retire.” It was part of Contemporary Issues in Employee Benefits Spring Seminar.

Recruit, Reward, and Retain. What does that mean?

Start by finding the right people. Develop a description of the role you’re looking to fill. Conduct interviews and set a budget. Allow trusted peers to review your materials. You can’t afford to make a wrong hire in many cases.

Once an employee is onboarded, keep them around. Ask about their day, their family, and their dreams. Give incentives and bonuses when fit.

Ask the hard questions. Job satisfaction is important. The market is changing. People don’t stay as long as they used to. If that’s your goal, it’s going to take lots of work. If not, make sure you have ways to fill open positions in a timely manner.

Brett Anderson, Hudson Financial Advisor

Brett Anderson speaks on a variety of financially related topics upon request. If you are looking for a speaker for your group, email for more information.

We are grateful to be a part of the financial planning journey for many. Our clients have had great success over the years. As always, we would like to provide this service to more individuals and families. Do not skip this step. Retire when you want to. Plan it out ahead of time. Trust me, I’ve seen it go both ways.

Please reach out if you are ever in need of this service.

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