Financial Leakage – You’re Making $250,000 a Year & Live Check to Check!


Financial Leakage – You’re Making $250,000 a Year & Live Check to Check!


It’s not surprising; it’s something I hear on a regular basis. Just change the dollar amount for how much your household makes. I bet most of us can relate, especially when you have a couple of kids, mortgage, car payment, are saving for retirement, etc.

What is Financial Leakage?

Over my vast experience in the financial services world, talking with hundreds of people, it’s generally not the mortgage or the car payment, but rather just everyday life that really gets us. It all adds up. $5 here, $50 there, $250 here – it all adds up to real money each month. It’s financial leakage. We all have it, yet, some of us are better than others at controlling it.

Financial leakage

It all adds up. $5 here, $50 there, $250 here

Understanding Your Financial Goals, Objectives & Position require Financial Planning

I suspect most families don’t track their spending on a daily or monthly basis. St. Croix Advisors clients have access to iAdvise– the most advanced financial planning software. It allows us to track their spending and help establish a monthly budget.

“I know and can prove that if you pay attention to your money, you actually have more money than you think. ”

This leads to living the lifestyle you want and making the impacts you’d like to make along the way. If you’d like to discuss over a cup of coffee how St. Croix Advisors can help, drop me a note.

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Ask yourself- can my portfolio support my lifestyle in my retirement? 

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