The Importance of Friendships


importance of friendships

Photo by Harli Marten

One of my all-time favorite TV shows is Friends. I can watch it every day, and I usually do, at bedtime while I’m falling asleep. As we grow older, the importance of friendships is clearer than ever—but for many of us, finding and maintaining true friendships can be hard to achieve.

Many of us have friends: people we can get together with and grab a coffee or beer (or, in my case, a Mike’s Hard Lemonade), share a meal, or attend a sporting event. Whatever the activity, when you’re with a good friend, it’s not what you’re doing that matters. The important part is spending time with the people who know and understand you best.

My definition of friendship is different from most. To me, the best friends are the people you can always count on to help you move apartments, no matter how many times you’ve moved. They will stand by your side, no matter what. They will tell you the truth even when it’s hard, and you’ll know they’re right and respect them for sharing.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know who to trust. Not everyone has the best intentions these days, so that is something to be wary of.

We all seek to have close friends, but so few of us can genuinely maintain this level of friendship over the years. The importance of friendship can’t be denied—when you have a best friend, work at the relationship and keep it for life.

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