by Brett Anderson, President, St. Croix Advisors, LLC
3 Questions: Andy

As a part of our 3 question video series, we interviewed Andy Gannon, who survived the devastating I-35W bridge collapse. Click to hear his story and to learn more about how a tragic event can change someone’s entire life.

3 Questions: Bill

Bill Buell set aside time to speak with us about retirement, selling a business, and working for fun. If you’re in a stage of life where you’re considering selling your business or worried about what will come with retirement, this one’s for you.


Gift giving can be difficult. It’s important to think of the value of the things that we purchase for others. Some reflect our bank accounts while others reflect our hearts. #giving #experiences #notthings

Automated Calls

Have you received voicemails from unknown callers? Some of whom have threatened you with something about how the IRS is out to get you? It’s important to understand that many of these are scams and should not be taken seriously. Additionally, we must warn our elders not to take everything seriously when it comes to technology or they could get in big trouble financially.

What’s Your Number?

Your number is important. Your number is the amount that would allow you to feel financially stable right where you’re at. It’s comfort, security, and a sense of worth. What is it? How do you determine it? How much feels like enough? Does it feel achievable? Let’s talk about it.


Who decided that rest was no longer something to be built into our schedule? How are we supposed to keep up when our only time to rest is consistent with our only time to complete tasks/chores? Do you rest at least one day of the week? Have you made this a priority, or will you ever?

Retirement Savings Article

Brett received an email from a man in Florida who saw an article on that Brett was quoted in. This led to a 45-minute interview regarding topics surrounding retirement planning. Take a peek!

Pet Budgeting

I bet you’ve never thought about this one before. Do you have a budget set aside for your pet? Have you been keeping up with how much it costs you to buy food, vet visits, and any silly accessories you choose to buy? Do you have an emergency fund specifically for your pet? Where do you draw the line?

Credit Card Benefits

This one is so often overlooked. I bet your credit card has all kinds of hidden benefits that you knew nothing about. Have you read the fine print? Have you talked to anyone about it? Does your credit card actually help you save while you spend?

3 Questions: Brett

We began a 3 question video series where we ask people 3 questions about themselves. These pieces help tell a story, and that story is important to us.

How Much to Leave your Kids

This can be a tough one, but it’s something that definitely needs to be considered. If you’re the type to give to a college fund so that your kids can graduate debt free, calculate what that is going to cost you, how it affects your overall financial plan, and how long you need to save up to fund that. Also, if you have charities that you plan on donating to, keep track of that money and record specific amounts in case something happens to you.

Your Money or Your Life

This book is powerful. Your money is important, but your life is more important. How do you focus on making good decisions today to create a better tomorrow?

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