Ways You Know You Have Too Much Stuff


Man…the older I get……when I look at all the stuff I’ve gathered over the years, I can’t believe it. Wife, 2 kids, dog (he’s the only minimalist in the family) and myself. We’ve packed our entire house up and we have been working on downsizing. We just don’t need as much space….space just to store 90% of what we truly never use but think we might. Let me prove it to you.

As we were packing, we discovered we have three crockpots and one pressure cooker. So essentially, 4 cookpots. Yes, I’m embarrassed to even share this, but I know I’m not alone. Many of you reading this are already in this club; you have too much stuff you’ve never use. And one day, if you haven’t already, you’ll discover you have too much stuff too.

We rented a 10’ x 20’ storage unit that was also 20+ high. The movers had to stack high just to fit all our “stuff” in. We completely filled the storage unit up and thank goodness Mom had space in her home. Today, storage units are in high demand and they aren’t cheap.

At one point, you bought your stuff (junk). Too often, people run out of space and now have pay to store their stuff. I can’t think of a bigger business that rips you off. But, we do it to ourselves. We become emotionally attached to our stuff even though we only use 10% of our stuff 90% of the time. I also struggle with this at times. Mrs. Anderson might disagree with this at the time…..

To protect his identity, I won’t use Ross’ last name; he says sell it all on eBay because that’s why eBay was created. We don’t need to keep a power washer 365 days when we don’t even use it for 8 hours within an entire year. I’m too impatient to try and sell the stuff ….I’d rather just give it away. Yet, Ross is right, eBay has all kinds of stuff you and I are looking for. It’s one giant pawnshop for everything.

So in the efforts of not paying to move stuff 3 times, I’m working on going through all our “stuff” to truly keep what I’m only going to use. This isn’t going to be easy, but I’m going to try my best.

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