We all need time away – time for ourselves


time away

A friend of mine goes to his cabin to spend time away from his family and business each quarter to work on his business and just to have time to think. We all need time away to recharge and rest.

One place where I rest my soul is at church. I’m not a fan of large crowds or lines, which is why I attend the smallest church service. But this time allows for me to decompress over the weekend. (I might also binge watch a Netflix series to relax).

I confess that the best place where my soul rests is outdoors – oceans, beaches, mountains, or even walking rolling hills of South Dakota. Maybe it’s because I live in a big city with all the hustle and bustle of traffic, work, phones, computers, etc.

When it comes to getting away and vacations, I no longer will take a seven day get away. For me, I don’t even start to decompress until the fourth or fifth day and by that time I’m already starting to think of all the stuff I need to do once I return.

That’s why I no longer take short vacations. I view them as short getaways, just repositioning for a few hours. I made a decision a few years ago, when I go on vacation I don’t for less than three weeks, otherwise, I’d rather not go. Anything shorter than that and I can’t truly decompress and rest.

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