Why do men grow hair in their ears?


ear hair

When becoming a “man,” a right of passage is the growth of facial hair. Next comes having to shave with an electric razor or straight edge and shaving cream. I’ve always believe that as a boy becomes a man, and a man becomes old, growing ear hear is a right of passage that not everyone will achieve. But wait, it’s not just ear hair – but the nose hair too.

I’ve reached a point in my life where each morning I need to double check for additional hair growth in these two areas. In my 50 trips around the sun, the extra hair in these two spots grosses me out. I’ve purchased two different types of battery operated razors to tackle hair removal in these areas.

So I went to my number resource for medical information, “The Google,” on why this is happening.

The best consensus is testosterone levels continue to increase as we age which impacts our hormone levels to produce more hair. So it turns out nose and ear hair have always been there, but it becomes more visible with age. It also appears most women don’t have this problem. You are lucky!

I’ve yet to try hair removal cream, but if I reach the point of no return it’s either cream or lasers. Please expect this to be my one and only blog post on this subject unless major medical advances have occurred. Just typing this out is humoring me.

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