Your Money or Your Life?


your money or your life

Society tells us that accumulating money is what life is all about, but you and I know that isn’t the whole story. We’re all trying to survive, but making a living isn’t just about accumulating as much money as possible—it’s about living. When it comes to the guiding force in your life, you have just one choice to make: Will you choose money or your life?

It may sound odd to hear this from a financial planner—someone who makes his living by helping others manage their wealth—but it’s the truth. In my experience, more money tends to lead to more stuff, and more stuff leads to more stress.

As the Notorious B.I.G. once observed: “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

It’s not like this is the first time we’ve heard this, though I know I still need to be reminded of it myself at times. We’ve all been told to buck this materialistic trend. That long-term happiness isn’t about stuff; it’s about the people we surround ourselves with, the connections we form, and the difference we make in the world.

No one’s asking you to choose a life without money. I’m simply asking you to choose life.

Work on building a fulfilling life, one with more focus on family and friends, God, and meaningful experiences…and less focus on having the right material stuff to impress others.
After all, you can’t take your stuff with you when you go, but you can make a lasting impact while you’re here.

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Ask yourself- can my portfolio support my lifestyle in my retirement? 

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